great thing on clubpenguin picture


great things have happened on clubpenguin and they will continue to happen and there will be more pictures like this in the kinda near future. i just wanted to use lotsa great memories to make one fantastic picture 🙂 clubpenguin rocks. and memories grow the longer to stay on it. memories grew for me and mroe are to come… *sniff sniff* 🙂

                                >life is good<


4 Responses to great thing on clubpenguin picture

  1. emawy says:

    Uh, wow, Fwan…that was so deep, even with the chat speek. Hehe. *sniff* That was so beautiful.

  2. paintboy1000 says:

    hi can ppl plzcome to my site it is


  3. Anna says:

    you are so cooll! you seem soo nice! i wanna be just like you!
    i know it sounds sorta cheesey but you seem so nice (and you obviosly love your puffles!) my club penguin username is lillia0 and i am usually in the abominable(did i spell that right?)server! I REALLY hope i can meet you! i know you posted that a long time ago but maybe youll still read this.
    Email me!

  4. francesca says:

    oh my gosh. i havent visited my blog for so long! thanx so much anna! that was very sweet of you to post such a nice comment like that. i wouldnt be surprised if you are just as nice as me. just be yourself! i havent gone on clubpenguin for a long time but im planning to continue clubpenguin. i want to meet you to. thank you! and i promise this is really my blog. i just forgot my password so i cant get back on. lol. THANKS!

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