111.JPG puffles really can chillax!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well i have like on cheat for puffles. to make all there statz purrrrrfect you have to do these in this order : first you have to bathe it and then you have to feed it. if you wish to make it harder you can first rest, eat, play twice. if you do either one of those your puffles statz will be purrrrfect. and just a tip. if you take your puffle out on a leash.. when they get back they will need LOTSACARINGFOR. (lot of caring for). the puffle in my picture is my puffle names xoxo. i also have 4 other puffles. so in total i have five. i have a pink one named anne… a purple one names frankie… a blue one names skye…. and a red one names courage. those are my puffles and i wuv them very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! puffle love!!!!!!!! ❤


One Response to puffles

  1. emily says:

    you know who i am. so cute, francesca! so true! but sorry to say it took me a while to realize what you were saying…can you get a little low-down on the slang?
    love ya!
    awesome blog!

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