before i start this post… dont be surprised if you come and dont see clubpenguin cheats, there on the next page or the bottom of this page, so clubpenguinists…dont give up on clubpenguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is still in our souls!!!!( the reason i stipped posting clubpenguin things is becuase i posted a RIDICULOUS ammount on the next pagge… teehee ! 🙂 )

                                            now to get on the “masks” subject. this isnt about the kind of mask that you wear to pretend your someone else… but i am using that definition as a metaphor. hehe i love metaphors!! ok back to the subject… again. ok well the metaphor is that you shouldnt act like your wearing a mask and pretend your someone your not becuase theres probably a reason you act like that. after you read this i want you to thinka minute about the reason you miteve been made that way? so say yu want to be the most popular girl in school but your not. dont try ( man does that sound decouraging!) because you are special the way you are! so live life w/o pressure to be perfect. be happy and the world will be happy with you (hippie much ?)

                                             * life seriously is good!*


3 Responses to masks

  1. emilyishere says:

    haha. thanks for the great comments on my blog, fwan. i’m gona call you soon as soon as mom gets off the phone. sigh, moms and phones…

    anyways, realy nice posts!

    i did the clubpenguin thing…but i’ve got a little glitch…come to my blog and see for yourself… :-\

    ~keep it real~

  2. Michael says:

    OI……… thats not what a metaphor is. Its a phrase/quote. A metaphor is like




    lol haha

  3. francesca says:

    um. thats otomonapia.

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