life is a preacious thing, you shouldnt go spending your life chasing other peoples dreams, ecpecially if you know your really not interested in them. you should spend your child hood with no cares and just fun, you should spend your adulthood with fun and friends, yet then, there HAS to be a time to work. life is like a race, the race is against you and your dream. if you win you get your dream and you acheive that if you work hard, just like you would in a real race, and if you lose it is probably becuase you either chose something to go for not becuase it was your interst but because someone else was doing that. or you would lose becuase you didnt work hard and try to do your best.  so heres a huge test for life, work hard, eat healthy, and do your best at everything… becuase, who knows! you may find a new talent and hobby. 😀

                                       * life seriously is good! *


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