clubpenguin … again :-D

ok on clubpenguin… (this may seem kind of wierd but it fun! ) you can get a boyfriend or girlfriend… its really fun!!!!!  the way you usually get them is by saying sumthin like “next guy/gal to say 123 is all mine!” or  ” who needs  a girl say 123!” or anyhting else you can think of. once you get one … IT IS SO MUCH FUN! i have a husband (which you can get after a while.. or 15 minutes… :-D)  his name is lilnt!


3 Responses to clubpenguin … again :-D

  1. emily says:

    Yay!! Lilnt can be so stupid sometimes, but he’s really great and romantic and sweet. He’s so great, and the best part is-he’s guyish! I have a husband, his name is Dafreez, and he’s just SO SWEET. Lilnt and Dafreez are SOOOOOOO alike!!!! They say the same things, they call us the same names, and they’re both just sweet as heck! 😀 Gotta love boys sometimes! Especially on Clubpenguin, when they can be sweet and not be embaressed about it! 😀

  2. emily says:

    “Love ya, Francesca. Call me!”

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