valentines day :-*

February 6, 2007

valentines03.gifyay!!!!!!!!!!!!! its almost valentines day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and almost the time i go to captiva island! ( im going rite after valentines day… 15th) and im going to get a great tan!  i am so excited for valentines day too! but the most part i love about valentines day is the candy!!!!!!!!! all the chocolates are delishous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well happy valentines day!!!!!!!! :-*

                                            * lifes good *


flawless… thats hard :-)

February 6, 2007

have you ever thought that anyone person is flawless? well you really have to get to know that person before you assume that there perfect in everyway possible…i know from expierince (emily… just so you know that is my best friend who happens to think that this girl names mayu is perfect) well if your a person like me you know that not everyone is perfect.. even mayu (mayu is a girl whos pretty, teachers love her,she is like the bst singer… other then bianca ryan of course… and she is like the smartest girl in the world!!! ) for example: lindsey lohan might seem perfect to you but wow is she not! she has an eating disorder and she has a little wild side… if you know what i mean… 🙂 haha.  so all you need to remeber is that no one is perfect so no pressure.. 🙂

clubpenguin … again :-D

February 6, 2007

ok on clubpenguin… (this may seem kind of wierd but it fun! ) you can get a boyfriend or girlfriend… its really fun!!!!!  the way you usually get them is by saying sumthin like “next guy/gal to say 123 is all mine!” or  ” who needs  a girl say 123!” or anyhting else you can think of. once you get one … IT IS SO MUCH FUN! i have a husband (which you can get after a while.. or 15 minutes… :-D)  his name is lilnt!