be yourself! even on clubpenguin

why do you think there is so many of us????? huh? well ill tell you why, its becuase we were made to have different personalities. say you have a friend, you really want to be like them so you decide “i will copy there every move”. doesnt sound so great, does it? so if you do have that friend, just try to think of your own style that makes you happy with yourself, becuase know one expects you to be just like them… and if they do, then they havent thought that through with what there saying. so if they happen to say the exact words “be like me to fit in!” then away with them becuase no one should expect  anything like that out of anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! case closed. 🙂


One Response to be yourself! even on clubpenguin

  1. emilyishere says:

    yeah that’s true. hiiii

    ~~keep it real~~

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