bianca ryanomg!!! singers just are amazing, well actlly it pretty much depends on if theyre good singers. or else they just suck… well i mean the voice not the person! so my opinion about singing is hat bianca ryan is just.. WOW! she blows me out of my pants. ~socks lay forgotten~ she as this kid of voic tat can change to anything! she can probably do country, pop, hip-hop, classical,hippie,soul,christmas…. and too much more! she is amazing! in fact she i my favorite singer ever! i love her song Pure and Simple. it is amazing! i listen to it over and over and over  again! i also love And I Am Telling You Im Not Going (originally by jennifer holiday) so she  just amzing!       so please oh please comment back  about what you think of my opnion about singer ad bianca ryan and i want to know your opinion and fav singers and songs! oh ad just heads up… go to and comment on everyting!!!!!!!!!!!! she is so cool!!!! so you better go there or be doomed for the rest of your life… and more… dun dun dun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 Responses to singers

  1. joey coyle says:

    SHE IS SO UGLY DUDE!!!!!!!!

  2. joey coyle says:


  3. balletheart3 says:

    first of shes not a dude… and second off …. shes not that ugly thats just a bad pic of her. gosh do i have her back!

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