popularity isnt anything u should worry about becuse the people who re populr are just people who happen to think they are better then everyone else and can acomplish more things. most of the times they are “chosen” from there wealth and looks. for example: if you ar just entering a school for the first time and your entering fifth grade and you see a group of girls who are all wearing deighner clothes and have the perfect hair, eyes, skin, and smile. yet there isanother group of girls who wear nice clothes yet not disigner, have good hair and have a good smile. which do you think is the popular group? you guessed it! the girls who are “perfect”. yet they are not perfect! they may seem that way becuse they have the best clothes looks and the teachers happen to love them, they have this big flaw tht sticks out like a sore thumb. they are mean, backstabbing, and snobby.


One Response to popularity

  1. Anu says:

    thats true for most skools but not 4 all of them.

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