equus the disgusting! daniel radcliffe put some clothes on!

EW OMG!!!!!!!! daniel radcliffe goes to the unecisary side of disgustingness. in london daniel radcliffe is in  play called equus which involves a 17 year old who get a little too obsessed with his ponies. akward. i know what your thinking probably…. wht is he doing naked though!   gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cat he be normal in that play? i mean seriosly ! and to mak your day he is doing to be doing it infront of a girl who is naked also…. and in som parts she only has a you now what on (thing with in “o” instead of an “i”) ewe. now one word that would explain this all would be unessecary. i mean who wants THAT much info…? that is wat i am dieing to know! god! i wonder wt the person who wrote was thinking.(even though he was a great playwrite!) imagine a guy thinking “how about i do a play involving a seventeen year old naked guy who has a pony!”


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