clubpenguin games

a.JPGok clubpenguin has someof the best games in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its not like neopets how you can only play them 3 times a day! i mean that is just unfair!!!!!!!!! i mean say your only good at 1 game and you have a very sick neopet and you have to get its medicine. and after you played it three times and you didnt have enough points to get the medicine! how unfair is that!????? so the clubpenguin games are great!

                                            the games are:

                                          cart surfer, puffle roundup, jet pack,ice fishing, astro barrier, thin ice, beanscounter, ballistic buiscut. and i think thats all. well i know some cheats for some of the games.

                            for cart surfer: to get like 100 coins or more in cart surfer you have you do stuff like backflips (down arrow key and space bar) spins (right or left arrow key with space bar) and you can fly! (space bar then up arrow key) and to actually surf your cart (just press up arrow key) you can also grind for turns(you press down and side arrow key while pressing space bar) and you repeat those in any order you would like! oh and also for cart surfer… the amount of coins you will get in the game is determaned by taking off the last number  in your score during the game.

                                                    ice fishing: at the end of ice fishing when there are only a couple of fish left to catch, catch one of the yellow fish and dont bring it up to the bag…. keep in underwater on your line, then when the big fish comes you have to use the little fish as bait. you get 50 extra coins! 🙂

                                         astro barrier: for astro barrier there are a couple of cheats. on the 10th level wait for a couple of seconds (about 50 seconds) and then you will see a blue ship apear. when it does appear move your ship and hit the blue one. then you will enter the secret levels. the next glitch is that on level 7 when the instuctions say to hit the blue square first, before you start the game when you see the model square and green, hit the blue square and then hit the green square you will get 110 points even bfore the game starts!

                                   thin ice: in thin ice the only cheat is that you should try to go over all the blocks and then on the next level you will see a bag of gold… go over that for more points!


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