clubpeguin cheats!!!!! :-)

the nub clubyou know clubpenguin dont you? well i have alot of cheats!! the newspaper dance: 1: you go to 2: you open the clubpenguin newspaper 3: and last you press “d” on your keyboard….and there you have the newspaper dance!! 😉 the next cheat is the walking up the coffee shop. 1: once again you go to 2: you go to the ski mountain 3: you start a sled race on bunny hill 4: you open up the map 5: then you wait until someone joins you 6: then when u start moving then click town 7: once your there click the letter “a” and watch!!…and to get down you have to click on an entrace to a store or the dance club. 😛 NUBBING!!!!!!! 1: you go to 2: you click the little white line under the chat bar TADA!!!! TO MAKE EVERYTHING SKETCHY LOOKING 1: you go to 2: click the plus sign (+) TADA!!!!! you have to be a spy- REARRANGE SOMEONE ELSES IGLOO 1: 2: you go to your igloo 3: you click the tape measure 4: then you open the cardboard box 5: next you go to the spy hq 6: then you go to any meber igloo 7: start moving thing to your pleasure!!!!!!!! TADA!!!!!


4 Responses to clubpeguin cheats!!!!! :-)

  1. Allykat says:

    you dont need to go sleding or any thing… just press a whereeva u r and you go towards the newspaper!!!lol!!!

  2. balletheart3 says:

    that doesnt work… i JUST tried… 🙂

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