celebrity gossip :-*

everyone loves celebrities.. but everyone definetley loves gossip about them!

the girls and theyre major weigh-loss and gain.

Have you heard that Tyra Banks the model and manager of the hot show “americas next top model” is one of the people who gained some pounds!!!!! let jut hope she doesnt become one of those womn with belimia o anorexia! which comes to Mary-Kate Olsen! she has anorexia and is heading back to rehab all becuase she weighs about the same weight as an average 10 year old girl! 80 pounds for an 19 year old is just sick. also lindsey lohan who used to be americas sweetheart is now an anorexic party animal. she has a couple of sizes smaller than a barbie doll. And to top this all off there is a quote from britney spears that is just ridiculously stupid :

“It’s so much fun being a superstar. You get to cross seas to go to other continents like Canada.”



One Response to celebrity gossip :-*

  1. Anu says:

    another quote by Paris Hilton: What’s Wall-mart, where you buy wall stuff?


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