ok this is completley off the subject of ballet but i have to say this. from my last post i was talking about how popular people are cruel and you should never have anything to do with them. well just so you dont go off being just like them… i just want to say that if you think very deeply about it the “popular” kids are just like us but make  mistakes sumtimes! So give them a hand and let them know your there watching there back. now to begin the subject of ballet i want to start it off by saying … to all those ballet haters out there why dont u just keep your feelings about balet to yourself sometime! ballerinas dont get the credit they deserve! they are pushed around like a sack of potatoes. i sometimes feel that weare working our butts off just to impress little old ladys who love to watch gracefulness while all the other people are watching football and shopping for midless hours. so just to you guys you should atleast try ballet before you say how easy and stupid it i beucase it sure isnt a stroll in the park. it takes hours and hours of deticaton and practice! so just be quiet!!!!!!!!!! thank you! 🙂me at my nutcracker performance


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